A good business web site distinguishes itself from competitors' sites and reliably does exactly what you need it to do. If your business needs such a site with specialized web operations or tailor-made content management systems rather than off-the-shelf packages, or if you need a web site design that represents your company rather than a generic business site, Sidereal can help.

Producing the specialized web sites that businesses need, with databases and content management systems that require significant, custom, back-end coding is an area in which we have great expertise. We provide solutions for extending your enterprise through web-based marketing, sales and interactive communications. We produce all types of custom, high-quality, business web sites, and we can probably find a solution for your unique requirements.

  • We help you to understand and plan the process of moving your business or profession to on-line operation and e-commerce in Internet-based markets.
  • We build content management systems with web pages that you can update and maintain yourself. We are experts in both Joomla and Sharepoint.
  • We prepare all aspects of your web presence, including:
    • selection and set-up of Internet hosting services,
    • design, production and installation of your web site,
    • databases and content-on-demand
    • interactive pages and custom functionality,
    • mailing lists, email facilities, and auto-responders,
    • credit card transaction-processing, and shopping carts,
    • graphics design and production.
  • We help you study the ways in which your site is being accessed and used, and fine-tune it for optimum impact and utility.
  • We provide you with site maintenance and follow-on services.

Our principal clients are U. S. and international businesses that require individualized web sites to support specific operations, or that need custom functions and databases. We offer a full range of services for web site design and development to help them compete effectively on the web.

We both construct new web sites and upgrade and rebuild existing sites. We can find the best hosting service for your needs or design and build a site on your in-house web servers or on your existing hosting service.

Our objective is simply this: to give you the best possible web presence for your individual needs at a price appropriate to your budget.

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To discuss custom options, contact us today; we look forward to understanding your problems and helping to craft solutions. If you're still unsure about whether a custom site development makes sense, take us up on a free consultation and we'll work together to decide if there's a fit. Contact us

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